Open Range Passion

Our Open Range staff, led by General Manager Mark Demple, are not pretentious nor overly formal. Our staff are trained to help you relax and enjoy your dining experience while providing informed service. Our team takes pride in treating all customers with warmth and respect. Our mission is to be passionate and responsible, while following these guiding pillars:

  • A warm and sincere greeting and welcome
  • Proactively anticipate the need of every guest
  • Act responsibly, to sustain or preserve what we can (sustainability)
  • Be passionate ambassadors to help raise sustainability consciousness
Our Founders: Ted Turner & George McKerrow, Jr.

Open Range
at Historic Sheridan Inn

Because our values emphasize using fresh ingredients and preparing everything from scratch each day to serve only the finest quality food, we’ve invested a lot in having the right people on staff. We work hard preparing each dish to order, bison nachos, filleting fresh fish, hand cutting steaks, preparing a variety of homemade soups daily, and baking our fresh breads and deserts. Come and experience the dining at Open Range.

Learn more about our hours and reservations by calling 307.675.1152

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