Open Range Selections

Open Range Selections

Our Menu Selections

It is our sole desire that everything, and we mean everything, that arrives at your table at the Open Range delights you. To ensure that experience, we use only the finest, freshest ingredients, artfully prepared in recipes designed to engage all of your senses.

Open Range Quality

You’ll see that we take our role as hosts very seriously. Our goal is to treat you as we ourselves want to be treated, seeing that you’re made comfortable, offering not only courtesy but genuine friendliness, and doing everything we can to ensure your dining pleasure. Tell us what you want. If anyone can provide it for you, we will.

Food at the Open Range

We’re hoping you’ll want to linger over our mouth-watering appetizers. Many of our guests do. And if you have trouble choosing from our list of side dishes? Take comfort: each is large enough to satisfy your hunger. The same is true of our desserts. (We’re told our signature “Chocolate Cookie Dough Pie” dessert is well worth savoring.)


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